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[LFPs] Mini-Campaigns and One-Shots

Hello guys, I'm a new DM, who just went on summer break (I'm a teacher).  I've been wanting to try out DMing, so I'm trying to run different sessions of different 5e games. All of my offerings are either mini-campaigns(3-5 sessions or One-Shots) Right now, I have a Sunless Citadel Mini-Campaign that's almost been completely remixed, it's on Saturday at 11:AM EST. It needs another 2 people to start.  There's also a session of that mini-campaign on Tuesday at the same time. If One-shots are more your thing, I'm running Madness of the Rat King next Thursday at 3 and next Saturday at the same time. The one-shots expect mostly combat with some storytelling.  The Mini-campaigns, it's a mix of combat, roleplay, and puzzles.  Message me if you have any further questions. I am open to different times to run games. 
Hello! I have a bunch of players that would be interested! Do you have discord?
Id play if on a saturday morning or friday night. im an experienced player and will be flexible in my role
If you got some time for Saturday or Sunday nights, I'm game.