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Pendragon 6E Starter Set

Just bought this and wanted to give a tip of the hat as it's been really well done. Not sure if props are due to Roll20, Chaosium, both or neither! Just felt it worth a shout out :-)
Hello! Sorry to bother you but since you say it's good; Does it come with the core rulebook? Or is it just a 'quickstart ruleset'?
Hi there, not a problem. It does indeed come with a trimmed-down "quickstart" ruleset but this is quite a comprehensive series of rules and is entirely sufficient for you to run a module.  I own the 5e Pendragon rulebook so can tell you that topics like "Character Creation" and "Hunting" do not appear to be covered but almost everything else seems to be there in one form or another. You can get the full breakdown of the contents on Chaosium's website:  Pendragon 6e Starter Set Contents . Also, in case you were not aware, you can get another splendid Pendragon 6e starter module  The Adventure of the Great Hunt  free from Chaosium! This is a really fun hunt, although if you want to set it up on Roll20 you will need to do some work around making a PC map. If you get this and want a hand with that map, let me know as I've done that already myself :-) Hope that helps!