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Fog Of War

Tommy R.
KS Backer
Is the Fog of War system implemented? When on the game table, I can choose the Hide Tool and draw shapes, but nothing happens. Is it just not showing up on my system since I am the DM?
click on the "pages tab" and click the gear icon on the page you want. from there you can enable fog of war and reveal/ hide stuff in the main toolbar
Tommy R.
KS Backer
Thank you, I will check that out when I get home. Does it automatically show up for my players?
I believe so. On your screen, it will be translucent (you can edit how translucent) and for players it's black and opaque. HOWEVER there are some glitches in which players can get around the fog of war (zooming, etc.)~ but so long as your players are honest it works great.
Tommy R.
KS Backer
Is there a way to separate which players see FoW? May have a scout far ahead of the group and until he gets back, I would like the FoW on for everyone, but the scout.
I haven't tried this yet - it sounds like another awesome feature!!!
You can't separate it between characters. Kind of have to trust them or simply tell one person and leave the others out of the loop..
How do you do that?
How do you do that? @ArcCain - /w [name] [msg] or /w gm [msg] for private chat. =========================================== I have a question myself. I'm using the fog of war quite successfully I was wondering if there was a way to lock your selections to the grid however? I would like being able to open up blocks instead of trying to precise click everything if it's possible. If not I think it would be useful ;) edit: I'm a noob
I know that Roll20 was designed to allow internet play but I'm trying to use it as a map/virtual TT with my home group. Is it possible to set up the Fog of War so that as I move the player icons around the map the area they enter becomes lit for them?
Kristin C.
Roll20 Team
John, this isn't in place yet, but dynamic lighting is definitely in the pipeline. You can see it being tested out in Roll20's "What's Next" trailer at the 45 sec mark - <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
can we please get circle shaped selectors and deselectors for fog of war? Revealing block shaped sections of fog of war kinda sucks.
Paolo C.
KS Backer
A free lazo mode to reveal areas would be nice.
Mr G
KS Backer
It's been raised many times before, but I guess there's no harm in doing so again. To be truly powerful FoW reveal needs these: - Square / Rectangle - Polygon - Circle / Ellipse - Wedge / Cone - Free Form With only the Square / Rectangle reveal that we have at the moment, I am deeply regretting putting octagonal and circular rooms in my current dungeon (actually a hollowed out asteroid base). Revealing those is a major chore! :-)
Free form can be two things, real free form where you draw the area with the mouse or successive clicks adding points connected by lines. The first one is more difficult to use (except if you use a graphic tablet and a pen), the second is less accurate but probably quicker to use.
Eric D.
KS Backer
We know there are issues with the current FoW show/hide tool but fixes there are waiting for the dynamic lighting updates that are coming.
Andy V.
KS Backer
Is there a way to use the aura setting on the pogs to simulate torch's range in conjunction with FoW or is that going to be coming with the dynamic lighting update?
Also, do we have an ETA on dynamic lightning being implemented? I'm ridiculously excited to use it.
For now I just use big black blocks as temporary fog's of war. Dynamic lighting is excellent and anxious to test it. test test test!
Eric D.
KS Backer
I don't think there is an ETA but I'll be sure to share it as soon as I know! I believe priority shifted recently to a new real-time sync system so we can get away from all of the red-box-of-death issues folks have been having.