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Linking an FX to a particular Token ID

I have a creature that I want to bring to the token level from the GM level and have a special effect happen at the same time. I want this all to happen with a macro so I don't even have to go to the GM level and select the creature. Is this possible? (The FX is explosion-death). Any thoughts?
This should work (untested and aircoded) with a little prep work: Select the token and use this command: /w gm @{selected|token_id} Then plug the value you see into this macro instead of 'TOKENID': !token-mod --ignore-selected --ids TOKENID --set layer| objects  /fx explode-death TOKENID
That worked perfectly! Thank you!
Seeing as you're a Pro sub, you could also use the "Bump" script in 1-click to handle moving things between layers easier, as well!
I will check that out too!
or SPAWN in the 1 click also