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[Script] Wildshape

Hi all, Just found the "D&D 5e Wildshape" script.  I note the API author is no longer supporting it, so I'm looking for community help. The issue I've got is that the wildshape function doesn't draw across the new form's vision. Token 1 = Wildshaped - retains the previous vision Token 2 = dragged on from the Jounral - has the correct vision. Has anyone found a fix for this? Basically when the wildshape happens, it brings in the new form's vision. NOTE: I also have some issues with small and tiny tokens - when they wildshape they default to medium. I'm working on that too. Cheers

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This is actually correct behavior according to D&D 5E's rules. You only have things like darkvision when you use Wild Shape if the beast form also has it. So, if you're an elf, for example, with darkvision and change into an animal that doesn't have darkvision, you lose the darkvision. This is because of the first sentence of the first bullet point on page 67: "Your game statistics are replaced by the statistics of the beast...". And see also the 4th bullet point which says: "However, you  can't use any of your special senses, such as darkvision,  unless your new form also has that sense." On the flip side, if you are, for example, a halfling, that doesn't have darkvision, and you change into a beast that does, you gain darkvision.
As i said, "Basically when the wildshape happens, it brings in the new form's vision." the problem is, when the token changes to a wildshape with darkvision, or blindsense, or whatever, it doesn't reflect that on the token.
there's a "edit senses" or overwrite senses" option when youo edit a shape