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[LFP][PF1/PF2][Home Brew Setting][Mature 18+ content][Heavy RP/Lore/Storyline] The Age of Hyboria Tales Every Other Sunday 6 to 9pm EST


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The game will be every other Sunday night 6 to 9pm EST . PF1/PF2 rules (1 or 2 to be discussed DM had more experience in PF1 but is open to PF2) Base races : Human, Elf, Half Elf, Halfling, Dwarf, Gnome, Orc, Half Orc, Goblinoid, Vanara, Cat folk, Base classes with some exceptions (To be discussed with players) Cleric, Druid, Bard, Rogue, Monk, Ranger, Fighter, Paladin, Barbarian, Wizard, Sorcerer, Samurai, Kensai, Warpriest, Wujen, Alchemist, Shugenja, OA monk, sohei, Brawler. Some prestige classes if prerequisites met and it fits the campaign. 25 points buy for stats , 0 level of commoner, warrior, adept, aristocrat or expert. (Part of your backstory) Players start at level 1. Alignments-Any non-evil. Starting equipment -Basic gear plus 50 gold. (gear from the PHB, OA or Conan RPG) Traits: Players get two traits from the PHB Pantheon: Conan setting (See handout). Crom, Derketo, Asura, Ymir, Yog, Jhebbal Sag, Mitra, Zath and Set. Spells will be from the PHB, OA and Conan RPG however players can create spells of their own design if spproved. Setting uses the map of Robert E. Howard’s Conan and its cultures and takes place 12 years after the Cataclysm. Human cultures can be googled, and other races would be a combination of setting cultures and rule book cultures. The campaign is focused on the party’s desire to locate the rogue faction of the Black Ring and find out why they were imprisoned in the exiled lands and stopping the rogue faction’s plans to open the very gates of hell. With the split in the Black Ring, the sub faction has formed a Cult and chose to worship the evil god, Ahriman. Players have the choice of actions but there are consequences to such actions. There is adult content meaning such things as human sacrifices, slavery, murder, prostitution, kidnapping, executions, torture, cannibalism. The setting is made to deal with real world events that the party can put a stop to (or join in, remember consequences).  Players can choose their own orientation, gender, mannerism etc. If someone wants to play a gay character, so be it, it is the real world, and we are adults. The world is a gritty place, good does not always win and the NPCs will have their own motives and actions that may or may not affect/ help or hinder, the party. Having a friendly face in a few places can help when the party needs a place to be safe, heal and plan their next step in their journey. A good, friendly NPC might also be able to provide you with not only a warm meal and a tankard of ale but supply you with information, etc. There are levels of materials and crafting that can give weapons and armor bonuses. Example Steel weapons have better to hit and damage compared to Iron weapons. We Roll20 for TT and Discord for comms
Wassup Daniel,  I am interested in participating in the game and being a group member since the setting is one I want to be a part of. I am new to the pathfinder system, and this is an excellent way for me to learn the system.  Please get in touch with me here on Roll20 for more information or on Discord @voiceofvisual, and I hope to hear from you regarding the game's development. 
Sent you a DM
I'd be very interested if you go 1e! A Conan campaign sounds really cool, though I admit I'm not as familiar as I'd like to be with the setting. You can DM me here or joecold on Discord. 
Hey Joe, just sent you a FR on discord   Crom(DM)
I'm interested, sounds quite cool. but I'm not familiar with conan so that would be a bit of a learning experience. it does however sound very much up my alley.

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I would love to be part of something like this. :) Will try to DM you. You can reach me on Discord at Steven W.#5393
Still looking for a few more players
Looking for 2 more players
Hey, I'd be interested in playing in this. Please shoot me a DM on discord if you still have space. My discord is: thewildplaty
I have me and a friend interested in this. hit me up. my tag on discord is Rebullet.
FR's sent on discord  Crom (DM)
Still looking for two players.
Looking for one more player
I would love to try it out! It fits my schedule and seems interesting! Discord is: imthewrongman
Still looking for one more player.   We can teach people who have no experience with PF1 (Same as DND 3.5). WE are playing this sunday so if people want to join, now is the time as we can hash out a charcter before the session and get the player up to speed on where the party is and doing.   
* **Storyteller**- That's what I consider myself first and foremost! I like telling a story in a tabletop game, not just my own story either! I find the games I enjoy most are the ones with a strong central plot that a party of adventurers can weave themselves and their own backgrounds and desires into. I believe strongly that my character does not exist in a vacuum! That my character exists not just to tell his own tale but to further the tales of others. The best game in my mind is one that once it's finally over, we look back on fondly and feel the urge to tell others about the awesome plot we made together. * **Peacemaker** - Regardless of the character I play I tend to occupy the peacemaker role in an OOC dynamic. Regardless of what is happening ICly I like to make sure everyone get's their fair shake and that everyone get's a chance to contribute to the story and the moment as well as keeping the story flowing. I can be loud and boisterous but I work hard to make sure that I don't overshadow anyone else. I also try my best to keep the group in harmony. Sometimes arguments can happen at the table and I like to make sure they never get out of hand. * **Guide** - If the party is lost OOCly or things start getting bogged down I am usually the first to call for an OOC vote or (if it suits the character) take charge ICly. If we've done all the planning we can do for an encounter or an activity sometimes even the best parties just need a push to take the first step. I typically ask everyone's opinion (OOCly and ICly if it fits) and then we'll forge ahead based on the consensus unless someone else chooses to act differently... Which is fine because sometimes Drama happens ICly! * **Laughter** - Serious games are the best kinds of games in my mind. But that does not mean we should not laugh every so often and I laugh! I like to help others laugh. There is a time and place for it of course (not when we are fighting the final boss or having a serious character moment) but a fun meme before a session or a remark about the absurdity of a dice roll. "I roll try to see if I spot the falcon in the sky!" *roll Nat 1* "I see a bright ball of fire and for some reason my eye's are REALLY STARTINGTOBURNOHMYGOD!" * **Backstory** - I craft my characters to suit your world and I believe an interesting concept trumps mechanics any day of the week. That is not to say I ignore mechanics entirely, I do try and make a character effective at their role in a party. But you can expect a detailed backstory from me about my character, often times including IC reasoning for feats and references to traits. I don't pick things strictly because they are optimal. Like I said above I am a storyteller first and every great character has a past. I pride myself on building unique takes on existing character archetypes. The murdered parent revenge freak has been done before. It's much more fun to write about the character who's background might not be tragic but who's future could be. I view those as my main qualities as a player! But now let's talk about a few of my personal rules and opinions on mechanics as well as a bit about my system knowledge! * **Wheatons Law** - Yep! I follow it! I would never touch that mans dice but to keep with the refrain 'Don't be a dick!' is a core concept of mine. I believe strongly that a party is there to accomplish things together. There are no main characters and just because my character might not be the most important one in a given moment does not mean I should trample on anyone elses time in the light. * **The GM is always right... The second time** - This is my own personal rule! Rule disputes happen and in my opinion it's perfectly all right to say. 'Hey GM, I think the rule means this and here is why.' after the GM makes a ruling. Sometimes the GM might say 'Oh hey! You know what! You are absolutely right!' sometimes they might say 'Nope! We are doing it this way!' or 'Let's talk about it after the session'. Whatever they say... They are ALWAYS RIGHT WHEN THEY SAY IT! Stop. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200 dollars. They are correct the second time they say anything and that word is law. * **The GM is part of the Party** - Sure they might not have a player character and they might be rolling dice for the monsters... But at the end of the day the GM is one of the players. He is not playing a different game... He is playing WITH us. His time is to be respected and his actions are not to be questioned. Any GM worth his salt is there to tell a story. If a GM's whole goal was to be an enemy of the party then the Tavern we all met in at level 1 would have been hit by an asteroid and destroyed dealing 50d6 damage to us. Respect his or her time. Respect what they are trying to do! I thank the GM and the other party members at the end of every session because I am LUCKY to be a part of a group. * **Mechanics** - I am not a munchkin. Does that mean I hate rolling dice and turn my nose up at combat? No! Combat is part of the story! Dice are an element of randomness that enhance the path we take through our game! Yes I want combat! Yes I want difficult encounters (scaled appropriately) and YES I think it's appropriate that sometimes we lose and even die. My mechanics knowledge is fairly sound and I tend to ask the GM when making my character how lethal their combat is. This is not because I am going to try and game their system but because I want to know the minimum level of effectiveness I should be at for my role in the party. * **Solutions** - I enjoy coming up with interesting solutions to interesting problems. Sure we could just roll dice and wait for one side to run out of HP. But I might ask the GM if there is high-ground. If there are environmental pieces that stand out. Maybe we can roll a boulder down a slope to take out some Skeletons! Maybe we can drop a decorative suit of armor on the evil noble. Not every solution to every combat is a power attack. * **Rated M!** - I am not squeemish. Throw anything you want into the game or don't. Violence, Death, Torture, Language, Drugs. All fair game!
Still looking for players who do not ghost before joining the game.
Still looking for two, have four.  
Im totally  interested
I am definitely interested.
still looking for one or two more players
I'd be willing to try. Even got a picture for my catfolk alchemist in mind.
Hello.  If you're still looking for players, I'm interested.  Discord - curtis1498
I am interested. I have played PF 1 
Hey Curtis and David, I apologize for my late response as I hve been in the hospital for 8 weeks. That being said I plan to run the game next sunday.  You can find me on discord cromdm.   Are you familiar with the Conan lore?