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[LFG] [D&D5E] or [PATHFINDER 1 or 2] [FREE] (flexible)


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Hello  Looking for a group to play that is going to be playing more long term or at least a longer campaign.  Here is a little about me Playtimes: GMT+1 (Spain)  Able to play any day of the week.  Once a week, biweekly, or monthly whatever is better for the GM and or group. My comfortable play times would be between 10pm - 2am [ 4pm - 8pm EST] but I can play till 3am or 4am if a US group or to be flexible to group or story I have played with mostly US groups so I am able to be flexible About me and Experience: I speak Spanish and English fluently so no communication problem there. 45 year old Male Am ok with Voice only or Voice and Video. Not text only Roleplaying:  I love that environment but still learning.  I love being in a roleplay environment though. Experience.  I have played Pathfinder 1e off and on for many years but am not an expert.  I have played a couple games with Pathfinder 2e and D&D5e but will have to brush up on the rules again. Also open to other Games beyond D&D and Pathfinder.   Just familiar with those Paying:  I would be willing to give a little money to help the GM in the work this involves but I don't want anything forced or required.  Left up to me.  I respect the work put into this but I have commitments and need to be careful.   Anything else you would like to know about me feel free to contact me.  I hope I will be able to find a fun group to live this experience with.
I have a group of three players, I am the dungeon master, its homebrew, relaxed, definitely looking for someone who is more looking to go down the roleplaying variety. We use milestone leveling, and I also made a post sharing about the campaign. We are currently level 6, play every other sunday starting at 3pm EST going until 8-9PM EST. If you're interested, I'd love to hear more about you!