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[Question] API edit window color scheme?

Sheet Author
API Scripter
Anyone know or have a version of the color scheme that the API edit window uses? Moved to Eclipse for javascript to do my script editing/saving as editing 200+ line scripts in that tiny window was killing me, but now have the issue of editing it in there, then pasting to roll20, makes reading it to find a bug in one to the other a bit of a readjustment period. Not a HUGE deal, just once your looking at it for an hour in eclipse color scheme, then jumping to roll20 takes a few minutes to visually remember things. Or if anyone knows a better option than Eclipse for editing/saving versions of, I can adjust to match the scheme, that would work also.
The API editor looks a lot like Sublime2. I don't know if that helps, but I suspect it is the source of the scheme/idea.