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Waterdeep: Dragon Heist; Cassalanter Villa map; Secret door error

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On the Cassalanter Villa map (Summer Adventure), the secret door from C3 to C11 is missing; the DL wall extends from the right side of the exterior door in C4 to the left side of the door connecting C1 to C5. Worse, the "S" indicating the presence of the door is part of the map image, instead of being on the GM layer. Deleting the wall and re-creating it appropriately is not too difficult (the end points for all the lines involved are grid-aligned, so holding Shift with the polygon tool gets you exactly where you need to be). But the S remains. Given the hand-drawn style of the map and the cross-hatching of the walls, a player might mistake the half of the S that's visible as just more of the cross-hatching, but it really shouldn't be there.
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Hi Lithl! The best thing to do when you have discovered something like this in a Marketplace product produced by Roll20 is to report it in a  Help Center Request . This will create a ticket for eventually correction. Posting it in open forum is very easily overlooked and doesn't really guarantee that the issue will be logged. As Roll20 has grown, the forums have mostly shifted over to community support.