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help: page tap not loading when the game loads up.

it looks like the code has a problem with locating it.  anyone have a similar  problem and if yes how did you solve   it.    
Besides the output Macro for your spell being a little off, I don't see what your problem is...
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Hi Cleve! The most likely issue is something interfering with the browser display of the tab. You could test by loading the game in a private browsing window, which disables most extensions. You could also test on Firefox, to see if the issue repeats there. That would help narrow down the cause. If this were a universal problem with the Roll20 code, the forums would be flooded with reports, since that's pretty vital functionality. Other things to try would be deleting cache and cookies, and probably restarting the browser.
The problem is in both chrome and firefox.  I have removed all extensions and cleaned out both browsers of cookies and such.  Removed and reinstalled both browsers.  This seemed to happen when they put the beta tool bar into uses.  do you know of a cheat code to drop down the page box?  please share any ideas that I can try.  Been going on for a while.   
TheMarkus1204   The page tab is missing.  I can not change pages/maps when running or creating games.