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RaspberryPi 4, overall payer thoughts?

For months I've been trying to set up a DMing surface for a friend who doesn't have access to a PC right now.  I thought, tossing up a Raspberry Pi that's just set up for this would be an easy thing, but that's turned out to be a lot harder than I expected. In a desktop session on the RP4, when I bring up a deliberately simple roll20 D&D5 session, on Firefox or Chromium, lag is dreadful. In one other post here, I see reference to overclocking the desktop host.  That's fine by me, but before I go down that road, it'd be helpful to see some assurance that others are having success with this machine in this pursuit.  The post here doesn't go any further, and it's about 2 years old.  Hint me?  Where ought I read? Not directly related, but: My understanding is that many players find better chat handing from Discord; the Discord substitute for RP is WebCord; but on my RP4, WebCord doesn't see the (correct, installed) video or mic. Back to relevant: I'd be happy to replace WebCord/Discord with some other app on the RP4, but that would mean asking other players to switch; so, any clues there would be welcome.  Years ago, our group started out on the roll20 chat system.  It got stuck and/or crashed on us, while Discord didn't, so any hints along this area would be great. I go on.  You can see I could use more than one flavor of hints.  Fling 'em at my wall and see what sticks. -m
A RaspberryPi does not have the power to run roll20 in a browser (or other VTTs for that matter). If you want a cheap and cheerful solution, you will have more chance if you buy a second hand ex-business small form factor PC (like dell, hp, lenovo) with at least 8GB and a SSD. These small machines are offered for about the same price as new RaspberryPi.
Yeah. Starting over, PC is the way I'll go, this was my last ditch query.  Thanks.