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[QUESTION] Custom Character Sheet

Hello, my team and I are playing a whole invented "Jojo's bizarre adventure" RPG. We invented the game and the play system (most of tests are made by using nD6 with a threshold for success). We are currently using the free subscription that allows us to choose a character sheet from community-created sheets. The question is :  Since I'm a developer, I would like to create the sheet we need (I saw there is also a "Generic fantasy sheet", which is a similar idea) and use that for our play sessions (using a free or Plus account). And then use roll20 companion app with our characters. Is it possible to fork the git repo and add this sheet? Thank you all in advance (Probably I'm also able to fix current Jojo's sheet that not work on roll 20 app) Simone D.
Scott C.
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Since you are using a homebrew system, your sheet would not be eligible for adding to the Roll20 repo. You'd need to get a pro subscription while you developed the sheet, and then set your game to use the sheet as a custom character sheet. Once the sheet is set in the game, and is where you want it development wise, you can let the pro sub lapse. You'll still be able to use the custom character sheet and make new characters using it, but won't be able to make any changes to the code.
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<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Rules must be readily available . Sheets can be submitted for independent games and homebrew systems. Homebrew games will need to ensure they are not violating copyright for their respective game system. In both cases, the rules need to be readily available online to the public.

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Yeah., Roll20 does apparently allow homebrew character sheets now. It didn't used to allow this, but apparently now does. Theyv are mentioned as an option on the repo when you submit a sheet.