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[LFP][D&D 5e][PST][Westmarch] Welcome to SCAR, A living world set within the familiar Forgotten Realms setting

Hello and welcome to the Sword Coast ! SCAR is a continuous and ever -evolving west marches style Dungeons  & Dragons community . We use D &D 5e , with some homebrew rule changes , based in the Forgotten Realms setting .  You will be able to live and travel between our resident towns to begin building your own adventure.  We average about 3 -4 quests every single week across our 6 DMs . The majority of these run from around 7pm to 11pm or so PST . Outside of quests, the world is constantly turning with 24 /7 RP on Discord in between adventures so your character can continue to develop and grow . We focus on character development and story in between sessions , and some good ol ' dice rolling during game time . It 's the best of both worlds ! We are looking to fill our rosters a bit more with some new players who are looking to really dig into it .  We are looking for storytellers and players who are dedicated to their characters . We have an in -depth world that you can become a part of and leave your own mark on . I f you are new to West Marches and living world styles of games , we are happy to show you the ropes ! You must be 18 + to join . While we have no Adult Rated content  (PG13 ) , it is an adult -only server . What do we offer ? A very friendly D &D -centric community of players who enjoy storytelling and developing their characters and the world together . An expansive website that lays out your options , including races , classes , feats , spells , etc . We include a ton of homebrew options to make the world more diverse. Sourcebooks on Roll20 and a Discord primed for Roleplay Online tracking for inventory , character profiles , shops , journals , notes , even calendar events , all through Chronica . A player -run economy with a vast variety of items available for crafting and purchasing during downtime between quests . What are we looking for ? We want people who can provide consistent activity. W e understand life can get busy some times, but we would like people who can consistently sign up for sessions, not just once every other month. People who are interested in out of game text -based RP . While not strictly required , it does allow the DMs , and other players , to better get to know the characters . At the moment , we are looking at a limited number of new recruits to help flesh out our roster with more amazing people ! If this sounds like something you 'd be interested in , leave a comment below and I 'll get back to you as soon as I can .  <3
Hello. I'd be interested in joining. I'm a pretty dedicated person when it comes to table top games and make it a point to show up to stuff. I never did something like this before so if it's OK I want to try it out first to see how it works.
Hey this sounds super interesting! I'd be willing to talk and see if it's a good fit!
Hello, I'm pretty interested in this idea, never done a west marches style.
I would certainly be down to join!
I would be interested to play as well!
I would be interested