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TokenNameNumber different types of incrementals?

Hello all, Loving the ease of having this to number tokens but I was wondering if there was a way to add different incrementals to differentiate?  One of my players, who DMs likes to use the D&D beyond encounter style of naming his tokens <name> (a,b,c etc)  (see image for a better explanation.
API Scripter
If there isn't a way to do this with TokenNameNumber, you should be able to pull it off with the MetaScriptToolbox. You'd just use a character ability to store the translation from number to letter. I'll use the character PublicTables, and I'll call the ability IndexLetters. The contents look like this: 0=A 1=B 2=C 3=D 4=E 5=F 6=G ...etc. Take that out as far as you need to -- that is, as many tokens as you need to name in one go. Then, with the MetaScriptToolbox installed, you can select the tokens you want to name and run: !forselected(^) token-mod --set name|"?{Root name?} (get^.PublicTables.IndexLetters.{&i}/get)" That would prompt you to enter the root name (ie, "Vampire Spawn") and would translate the index of the token (specific to *THIS* running of the command... that is, every time you run this command you're starting over at 0) into a letter. That produces tokens with names how you want:
Hi Timmaugh,  I wasn't aware of the MetaScriptToolbox,  thank you for that i will have to take a look at it.
The Aaron
Roll20 Production Team
API Scripter
That's certainly something that wouldn't be too hard to add to TNN. I'll look into it.