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Need a GM for a Solo Campaign


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Hey, I'm an ex-military ex-pat who is far from home, and frankly, I don't have anyone to game with here. So, I'm looking for a long term GM. Free is always an option, obviously, but I'm open to pay-to-pay as well. I can pay either through direct bank transfers, (I can do this for both US & UK banks, as I have a UK bank account myself as well as a US one) or using a service like Paypal or CashApp. While I am very interested in an ASOIAF game, I know DMs who run that are hard to find, so don't feel like you can't respond if you don't run that. I also play both 3.5 and 5e D&D, so if you do those, that's fine too, and I'm good for Pathfinder as well, though I've never actually played a tt Pathfinder game, just the PC ones. It's a single player campaign, so expect both "normal" games, as well as "whacky" ones where I would get to use builds that you could never use in a real group setting because they'd be obnoxious to other players. Since it's a single player campaign, I prefer to do some kind of gestalt levelling, (if only so I can actually survive group fights) as I won't have a party with me. That said, due to the nature of playing alone, my builds will be pretty "power heavy". Not stupid PunPun levels of broken or anything like that - but they'll be pretty strong. If I ever do want to run some crazy broken build just for the lolz, (and I probably will at some point, if only to try to play the story of the kind of epic hero or villain legends are told about long after their name is forgotten) I'll tell you ahead of time and we can plan the campaign accordingly. Also, some flexibility will (probably) be needed if only because my character will be pretty much forced to overgeneralize his (or her, I usually play a male, but not always) skills to compensate for the lack of other players. Nothing too crazy, just maybe, allowing an argument for why X skill could be used to help in Y situation when it normally wouldn't be. I'm open to the GM having an NPC character in "my group" or what have you, as well so you can play to some extent also. That said... if it's a paid game, the DMPC should be a supporting character, not a main one. (Or you can always do the thing where they're a friend for a long time then they suddenly stab me in the back at a critical moment, that can be fun. Et tu Brute?) I'm looking to play either weekly or bi-weekly depending, and preferably pay once a month for it all at once. I'm not new to D&D, but I am still trying to get more comfortable playing it "in character" instead of just "describing what my character does" so encouragement/reminders to try doing it "in character" are cool. I do not expect an "auto-win" campaign, just because I'm playing solo and paying (unless one of you is kind enough to do this for free) but I do expect you to adjust the "danger" setting accordingly. Gestalt I may be, but I'm still just one guy. No extra action economy, even if I have more versatility. And no backup. (Unless you provide a DMPC.) Even my "strong" builds don't start off that way, they get there eventually! So please, don't jump with 8 goblins at level one. I'm just dead. Unless of course you make the battlefield interesting in ways where I can use the area to my advantage, and other interactive stuff. That's always fun! Oh, on that note, unless you make the battles interactive in some way? I'm probably going to care far more about every other aspect of the game than the fights. So, if trying to make the fights super interactive or what have you isn't working, don't worry about it, we can do less fights and more intrigue and such. There's always the option for non-battle XP rewards so I can level! If I am lucky enough to find someone for ASOIAF, (doubtful) I intend to play during the main era of the books, using the official ASOIAF system if at all possible. For D&D in general... I've not played a single published campaign, only ever custom worlds. Except for the PC games I played. So any campaign that's not a PC game, (and even many that are, as I haven't played them all) I will be completely new too. This means you get to spring all the good stuff on me. Ravenloft? Never played it. Curse of Strahd? The same. Temple of Elemental Evil? Only ever heard the PC game was broken as all hell. Rise of Tiamat? God do I want to play that one. My "official" D&D campaign settings that I know are... Baldur's Gate (1, 2, and now 3.) Pathfinder: Kingmaker & Wrath of the Righteous, and... (God this is old...) Pool of Radiance and Al-Qadim: The Genie's Curse. That's... pretty much every canon campaign I've ever played. I've read the Dragonlance books, and the Drizzt books. No other D&D books so none of that stuff either. Like I said, it's mostly been homebrew campaigns - official rules, with rare exception, but homebrew settings. As for 18+ content? I'm fine with it. Hell, I expect it. Magical worlds make for great wonders... and the darkest of evils. Now, I'm ex-special forces, so believe me, there's nothing you'll do that I haven't either seen or at least been adjacent to in some manner. I'm used to seeing bad people do bad shit. That said... if the orc or the goblin is uhh... SA-ing someone, I don't need the super explicit details. Just letting me know the general jist of what they're doing is fine. No need to go into the nitty gritty of it. Same for any (if there are any) amorous encounters. Fade to black is just perfect. That said, if there's intended to be some kind of hint or something given during the "pillow talk" or whatever, feel free to figure out how to work it in. Just... no need for it to be gratuitous is all. I'm not here playing in order to get my rocks off. (Even when I play an amorous character!) I have a fiance for that. Lastly, I've never played Exalted, but I really want to try it. I've heard about it from others, and it sounds pretty cool. So if some/all/ANY of the above fits you... shoot me a message!
i would recommend if you want to enjoy the combat have your sessions run like bg1,2,3, where you dont do gestalt but control all of the "PC's" during combat but they are role played by the dm you hire. this type of game is more fun then the complete solo play i have found. best of luck in your search but if that interest you and you want to play pf2e l;et me know.  
lorenzoarriaga#5290 is my discord said: i would recommend if you want to enjoy the combat have your sessions run like bg1,2,3, where you dont do gestalt but control all of the "PC's" during combat but they are role played by the dm you hire. this type of game is more fun then the complete solo play i have found. best of luck in your search but if that interest you and you want to play pf2e l;et me know.   That's a really good point. If you are comfortable with it, play two PCs. I'm playing two PCs in a buddy's campaign because it required 5 players and we only had 3... One of the biggest issues with solo play is save-or-die-type stuff. Even in duo campaigns if someone goes down you lose half your firepower. I have a bunch of ex-military (infantry, special forces, chair force, marine, etc.) in my groups. I find them the most fun to game with...