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Handout Editor issues

The Roll20 Team has claimed they are "looking into" replacing the editor, for over 7 years now, due to the frustrating inconsistencies and other issues with editing. This is still an issue. In the meantime, I discovered that there was a workaround, if you were comfortable with HTML (which I am), which was to have the handout open, Right Click and Inspect the text area, edit the HTML as you see fit, and then Save the Handout. Voila!, and worked in both Chrome and Firefox. It was a bit annoying, and cumbersome at times, but it worked. Now, it seems that if you do that, the handout reverts all html, including the text change, even though those changes showed inside the editor. What gives? Are we going to get an better editor or not, instead of worse edit options?

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Hi Adam! Can you give a test example? I created a handout with three lines, colored the second with the texted editor and the third one with the inspector and the changes stuck. If you are trying some html options, they might be being stripped for other reasons. From remarks I have seen, I don't think the powers that be like the current text editor any more than you do. (there was a previous, buggier, one, and people howled when it was changed. I don't think it is an easy fix without potentially screwing up a huuuuuge number of existing handouts, and likely, forum posts. Also, if you are looking for some truly powerful styling, look into the Markdown script by Stephen S . It's amazing. You can literally match the look of your system's books.