"Surely, in these dark times, you can feel them tug at you. You would know how to recognize it, of course. It's not some anomalous feeling; these are your brethren; your kin. Maybe you can feel it in the reverberation of your footsteps. Maybe you can feel it in the way your heartbeat resonates with those already out here. Either way, we can both be sure that if you take a few more steps in you're going to end up like everyone else, cursed to wander here like the others along the path. Maybe you'll be the first to find salvation. Or maybe all awaits you is a cold, lonely doom. It may be a dark and bitter path, but at least you wouldn't be bereft of companions along the way. That way, you can die together. There is surely at least some chance you'll find a way through. Or perhaps the mere opportunity to tackle such an insurmountable problem is enough to entice you near. Either way, I've made my case. Stay or go." Yo! First of all, thank you to everyone reading this for your interest in this campaign. This is going to be a long-winded post. There is no tl;dr. If you're interested, everything of significance is included within this post. This is not an average, run-of-the-mill game of Pathfinder. This isn't even a somewhat strange game of Pathfinder. This is a story for people who want to explore the story of their character (and the rest of the party's) at any cost. People who want to experience a fully-realized world; a world where there are no nameless, faceless souls behind every city corner. People who understand that a choice isn't wrong or right, but simply a means of heading down a different path in the unfolding campaign that is a dance amongst everyone involved. People who want to laugh when they overflow with joy and are able to cry when they feel genuine sorrow -- and who have the level of investment in the world and their characters that they are able to feel that way in the first place. As it so happens, the system itself is a lot less important than what we're all here to do -- tell a story. That isn't to say that the system is irrelevant, either -- players can be completely new to the system, but a willingness to learn is necessary. No Pathfinder experience is required in the slightest, but it does mean there will be more to learn. With that said, everyone at the table is willing to aid in the learning process for new players without being suffocating. This is not a table for the faint-of-heart...but this is also not a table for the grim-faced hardcore roleplayer who doesn't know how to take a step back and laugh at themselves. We take roleplay very seriously here, but at the end of the day we do it because storytelling is our passion. It's what we care about. It's what we invest ourselves in. We laugh, joke, meme, and have a relatively relaxed atmosphere out-of-character...and often in-character as well. But it's important to be able to have a strong ability to read the table -- mood can shift in an instant, and life and death conflict for a character is always a grim moment. People who want to experience that entire spectrum are ultimately who we're looking for.  Ideally, the kind of players we are seeking: Are capable of taking chances and putting themselves out there. Playing a character who is less outgoing is fine and can be a great point to grow from -- being a shy or introverted person at the table does not add a great deal to the group. Are mature enough to understand that it's okay to let loose and be immature sometimes while still maintaining an awareness of when a joke can go too far and pull people out of the current situation in the game. Meme tolerance also required. Are comfortable with adult situations and the consequences of a realistic and unpleasant world. While these aspects are  not  the explicit focus of the campaign, sexuality, prejudice, hatred, torture, and a myriad of other things are a part of the game we will be sitting down to play. Players who have a strong aversion to the above experiences or similar are likely looking for a different table. Are open to unexpected and life-changing developments in the lives of their characters and the course of the campaign. The ability to continue playing after experiencing catastrophic consequences and see the story through is important. So is a willingness to adapt to astonishing fortune and amazing turns for the  good  that could completely change the course of a campaign. No matter how devastating or glorious an outcome, we believe in playing it out naturally. Are always respectful of others at the table out-of-character, as well as the time and effort they've chosen to invest in joining and participating in the campaign. This campaign is a serious commitment, and one that everyone -- both player and GM -- must make.  Are insane enough to be willing to offer their trust. To trust the GM to be an impartial representation of the world as it is, for good or for ill. To trust their fellow players (but not always their characters!) to earnestly put forward their best every session to create an amazing experience. Some say that trust is something that can only be earned, and I don't think that's entirely wrong...but it's also why I'm looking for those insane enough to go on this journey and put it forward from the get-go anyway. The only thing you have to lose is your blind, fragile, heartfelt dedication after all...! This campaign is currently nine months underway, with the expectation that it will continue for another fifteen to twenty-one months, potentially more. We are currently on hiatus for between one and two months while a current player fulfills personal obligations that would otherwise prevent them from playing during this time, which will give time for our involved recruitment process. I believe that setting up a good, worthwhile campaign takes time and energy, and am willing to put in the effort necessary to seek out people who are both dedicated and engaged in such an experience. With that said, I am looking to add one to two players to the group (for a total group size of four to five plus the GM) before starting the next campaign, and that is where all of you come in. Once interviews have been completed, the two best candidates will be invited to play a one-shot with the full group as both an icebreaker and a trial-by-fire, and (assuming all goes well) will move into character creation for the actual campaign afterward.  I am presently expecting the campaign to resume in early to mid October 2023 to mid November 2023.  I expect there will be so much going on in the process of getting things ready to begin that there will barely be enough time to cover it all even with that seemingly-generous schedule. Nonetheless, I do want to make that clear so that those who wish to play immediately should seek elsewhere. Finally, I would like to again offer my thanks to everyone who made it this far. The application can be found (and should be filled out) here: Application I look forward to reading your applications, and hope you all find amazing experiences and campaigns regardless!