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Dragonball Dokkan - My own RPG system. Looking for both players and GM's

Heya. I am making a rpg system from scratch, meant to be a dragonball type game. So far I'm up to 209 pages in the public google document (more on my own with lots of random notes). I've held a game for about 10 months now, and it's going quite well. The rules are still in the alpha testing phase, and are all subject to updates or general changes. The game genuinely seems fun and my players are looking forward to it every week. I figured I would want to make it a bit bigger, so I'm looking for people interested in it, players and GM's alike, to host more games on my discord server for voice, and games run on roll20. Not just run by me, if I can find some people interested in GM'ing this. Or if you just want to join in and check it out, that's fine too. We're using roll20, using custom character sheets and some macros I've been working on. A bit about the game: It uses a d6/d8/d10/d12 system, you have 4 main attributes (strenght/speed/skill/ki), and you can assign different dice values to them, d6 being the weakest and d12 the most powerful. Then, you can add xp directly to stats in character creation, and several times during the game. Each stat point is simply multiplied by half the dice value (so if you have 100 stat points and a d8, that's 400 (4 is half of a d8). Macros and a spreadsheet character sheets takes care of 95% of all the math so you don't have to worry about anything. Also, you can gain features and techniques that helps you do better in combat, outside of just 'more power' (which is what stats represents). These are bought using Training Points, which is the other thing you can spend XP on. Just a quick rundown for now, but that's about it. Lots of more comprehensive rules on the google docs.  Another thing you can do in this game is training, either long, powerful training arcs, or training sessions each day (if you have time for it). As of now, daily training might be the clunkiest mechanic, but as mentioned, this is still in the alpha stage. Feel free to post anything here. thoughts, questions, random criticism about my personal hygiene... (Preferrably not though) If you're interested, either post here or DM me and I can give you an invite to the group.
Constantly on the lookout:p
Hmmm...come to think of it, if we did get someone running a second campaign I'd be able to build a new character without having to worry about Sitra being retired. :) Then again, I'd also have to think of another character concept since I want Ginja to be locked to the current campaign due to reasons. xD
That right there is one of the players, and yes, you could absolutely join a second game:p