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I am need a little bit of guru help with macros for multiple Damage types and kinds

Hello I am trying to build a macro that is seperate from my attack macro pulled from the sheet.    I am playing a Paladin / Hexblade and have a lot of different dmg options such as: Booming Blade Divine Smite Eldritch Blast Bless ETC and more to come down the road as I level. I really would like a macro that I can push and it asks me for example: Booming Blade? yes no If no skip to next dmg type if yes how many dice etc   Then Devine Smite?  Yes / No If no skp to next but if yes what spell level?  Undead? adding the dice it would roll Bless extra dmg add that etc etc.   I have been playing around with macros and I came up with the begining that is starting to ask me stuff but it formats all wrong then does not roll the dice &{template:default} {{name=Damage}}?{Booming Blade|No,0|Yes, {{BOOM for=[[?{Number of Dice|1}d8]]]}}} {{THUNDER Damage}} I just don't know enough or understand the coding enough to get this how I want it so thought I would finally ask.  I also don't know if you can put this code into a template so it looks more organized and not like you just did a /r
I would suggest using the 'Global Attack Modifier Field' and 'Global Damage Modifier Field' and adding each type of additional attack bonus or damage as items there.  E.g. for Divine Smite you would create an entry called 'Divine Smite' that looks like this: 1d6+?{Divine Smite?| Yes,[[?{Spellslot level?|1st,2|2nd,3|3rd,4|4th,5|5th,5}+?{Undead?|No,0|Yes,1}]]d8| No,0}[Radiant] That's what those Modifier fields are for - to add bonuses to attack and damage rolls. You can choose to enable/disable them as needed (e.g. only check Bless when you have that effect) or you can enable them and have them be a query that you answer for every attack: ?{Bless?|Yes,1d4|No,0} If you're trying to limit the amount you have to open your character sheet to make rolls, you may be interested in using a Macro Mule chat menu  for your attacks. 
Wow Jarren thanks a ton.   I am trying to learn how to create these and looking at your code I don't understand the 5&124 and 5&125 never seen that

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Whenever you nest queries in Roll20, you have to use HTML entity replacements for the query 'command characters' (pipe, commas, and closing braces). | = | or | } = } or } , = , or ,
Ah I have been meaning to start learning about nesting in Roll20 will have to read up on that.  Thanks Jarren for the help