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How to Divide out the Global Damage Modifiers in chat?

Ok So I have various Global Damage Modifiers that then get added together in Chat above my sword damage.  Problem is that they are different types of damage so if the creature I am attacking has resistances to the damage then I have to go into the dmg tool tip to separate the damage.   For example:  I have 2 separate Global Damage Modifier entries for Divine Smite and Booming Blade.   Say it adds up to 20.  10 of each to make it easy.   Is there a way to have it list Booming blade Damage and then Divine Smite damage Separately? On a side note is there a way for it to give a total at the bottom of all your global damage and your weapon damage?...but am more interested in the above.
Forum Champion
No there is no way to split it up. However, there may be other ways to represent the damage instead of a Global Damage modifier. For example, my Paladin players have Divine Smite as a button on their attacks. They click the button if they want to apply it.  As for the side note: not without abandoning using the 5e by Roll20 template for attacks. 
Gause again thanks.  I am multiclassing so not sure if it is working for me on that button coming up.  I have not seen it but could be I have my Char sheet configured wrong.   I will look into it.   I was thinking for the side note that maybe there was a way to query the results of the other GDM's and just add them up at the end lol but guess that is not possible.  I am enjoying learning more about this.   Thanks for the help.
Forum Champion
Divine Smite being a button is something I put into the attacks, it is not something that is native to the sheet. I can walk you through that if you'd like.  Could you show me what all of your Global Damage Modifiers are?