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slasher flick

tis the season with Halloween right around the corner. It's time for the annual school talent show. But why are your friends disappearing? And who's this strange person you keep seeing around town in a mask? Any day of the week is fine with me And 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM 
Sounds cool,  can you tell me a bit more about the system?  Is it like Fiasco or does it have an actual combat system, etc.?    Thanks, Mike
The book that you see that's where what it's based on Basically, you play a couple of characters, and everyone ends up buying eventually.. The other you get one main and the other characters are the ones that hear a noise in the basement, or was that someone in the backyard sneaking around
Are you getting a group together to run it?
I did some character creation tonight. At the intersection of utter serenity. Give me your discord, and we could see about getting you set up with a couple characters here.