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Save Map to Image File - Problem Solved - Work Around


Edited 1697526561
Finally found a work around to save maps out of Roll20 into image files without using quality-degrading screenshots.  Select the map. Press Shift+Z key on your keyboard. While the map is zoomed, right click on the map to save the image to your drive. (Mac users without a two-button mouse, use control+click). Enjoy.

Edited 1697525607
You can try SHIFT + Z which shows the image itself. Then use Right click and SAVE AS or open in another tab and save it from there... This works for any kind of image placed on the VTT (maps and tokens)

Edited 1697526598
Ah yes, right you are.  Shift-Z does it with less steps. I edited the original message with your improvement.  I posted this message because there are many locked messages on the forums saying that maps cannot be saved and none I could find saying they can.