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Grouping Tokens using API

Is there a property for tokens (akin to say 'isdrawing' or 'controlledby') that allows for the grouping of tokens? I know you can group tokens on the screen by selecting them and then right click -> advanced -> group, but is there an API accessible Object property that does this? Thanks
<a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> It doesn't look like it, no.
API Scripter
I don't think that feature is exposed to the API for setting. What are you trying to do? I ask because you can dynamically (if only virtually) select tokens via criteria statements using SelectManager so that those tokens are what other scripts would see as the selected tokens for a given message. For instance, you can select tokens that are named as being a part of "Squad02" (that is, they have that as part of their name) by this: {&amp;select *Squad02*} Or maybe you've given a particular status marker called "Mob" to various tokens, with the value (0-9) noting which mob they belong to. You can select the tokens of Mob 3 with something like: {&amp;select *, Mob=3} Or maybe you have NPCs and you want to stash their group affiliation in a bar. Maybe bar2 contains the name of their group. You could select the group you've named "VillageEncounter1" like this: {&amp;select *, bar2=VillageEncounter1} Of course, things can expand and you can only select the VillageEncounter1 group who has a bar3 value (where you've stored their HP) above 0: {&amp;select *, bar2=VillageEncounter1, bar3&gt;0} Setting these groups up would be straightforward... selecting them, then running some form of TokenMod or ChatSetAttr command (depending on where you wanted to store their affiliation) possibly with a SelectManager forselected handle to give tokens individual results (if that was necessary). Now that your affiliation is stored, you can always recall that group later using a call similar to those above.
Working on a script for a tabletop war game system - basically want to put pinned or bailed out tokens on the tokens representing miniatures on the board (tanks, infantry squads etc), rather than using Status Markers or auras. I wondered if that functionality to group was exposed but given that it isn’t, I’ll code it into the api - so when the unit is pinned, I’ll place the pinned marker and then have it ‘follow’ the unit around when the unit/team is moved, and remove it when the unit rallies.&nbsp;