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Turn Order Condition status

Score + 22
It would be nice if the condition markers were shown next to the character name in the turn order so you don't have to look at the token to be reminded of them.
+1, yes, this would be helpful
Stephen C.
Sheet Author
So you mean that if someone is marked as poisoned on their token, it will show up on the turn tracker? That's an interesting idea. I like it. Oftentimes, I'll group enemies together with the colored dots. So I'll have the green enemies go on the same initiative, the purple enemies on the same turn, etc. This would be especially helpful for that, since I wouldn't have to hover over the turn order to see the yellow box around the particular enemy.
I love this idea! I think this could be very helpful!
While I have already +1'd I'd like to say that this can allow for easier tracking of individual turn incremented things without cluttering the Turn Tracker with Item added "token_name Condition Xs".
I imagine having the icons Wrap vs Shrink in the Tracker would be good from a readable UI standpoint.
It would also be nice if there were a way to make it so only edit/control permission would allow viewing of token markers as well
+1 Turn order really needs a good revamp
Any other thoughts on this?