Would it be possible to send a chat message to the chat window when the API errors, infinite loop/long running, generic errors? Even if its just a "API has closed" message. Its not a 'must have' feature, but while playing in the heat of combat peoples rolls stop working or !commands don't respond. I go try a few to see if its the user, and not work for me either. So I tell them "hold on let me check" and open a new tab, go look at API and scroll down to the log window to see it died. Either by the random "no idea why its just the generic message we get randomly" or "ohh someone did something one of my scripts didn't like I and didn't add a check for someone doing that". it would just speed up catching errors midgame with the API as soon as it happens the GM at least knows it did and go restart it vs a minute or 2 of confusion and hitting macros thinking its roll20 lag or user lag. Or even an OnExit API call. we have onready, which I use to send a chat message to let players know when I hit save when it started, or if it didn't (no message shows). it rarely happens, but when it does its troublesome. Right now Ive resorted to keeping the whole api window open on another screen scrolled down to where the errors would show.