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Rolled query to static value on recall. is it possible?


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Hello everyone, I would like to automate this following ability: A series of 3d4 missiles are launched upon any enemies within 60 ft. of the raktavija’s choice, each one dealing 5d6 damage of a random element, determined by rolling a d10: 1 = fire, 2 = ice, 3 = wind, 4 = earth, 5 = lightning, 6 = water, 7 = holy, 8 = shadow, 9-10: non-elemental.. No more than five missiles can be made upon a single target. i've been trying to figure out how to determine the number of missiles randomly, and having the same value come back in the same macro. I've tried roll queries and roll tables, but haven't figured it out, as it always returns a random number for both calls, instead of random for first call and same value for 2nd call. e.g. "?{missiles|3d4} missiles were shot," then later using ?{missiles} rolls another 3d4 instead of the value that was 1st rolled.
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I think this will take using a script to accomplish. You say "automate", so hopefully scripts are available (game owner must be a Pro subscriber to Roll20). If so, let us know and we can suggest solutions.
I'm the owner and only have plus subscription. when i said automate(bad term used) i meant make a macro.

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You can do this using the reuse rolls trick : &{template:default} [[[[3d4]]*[[5d6]]]] {{Missiles=$[[0]]}} {{Damage/missile: $[[1]]}} {{Total Damage=$[[2]]}} Not sure of the exact way you want to reuse the roll, so just made a demo macro.
thanks for the trick, though i can't reuse the roll in another roll. i don't think what i'm trying to achieve will work. thank you all for the help. i'll just make a seperate roll and add manually enter a query.

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Have I got this right: you want to roll 3d4 missiles, each of whifch has a d10 rolled for type and 5d6 roll for amount. Then you want to assign up to 5 per target? I can't see a way to do this without using Pro-subscribtion, and even then, there might be things you cant do exactly. You definitely cant do it with less than a Pro subscription.