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a way to GM roll on a player's sheet


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Hi, What I'm hoping for is a way to make Perception checks on a character's sheet, but have the result only visible to the GM. So the players are not even aware that a roll happened. Is that possible? Ii should note that this is for a custom sheet, not a standard Roll20 one like 5E or something. In an ideal world, if the roll succeeded, the player would be whispered that they had just detected something. If not... the player has no idea the roll even happened.

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An easy way for you to do this would be to create a macro which used @{selected|attributename} where attribute name is the Perception attribute.  Example:  /w GM 1d20+@{selected|attributename} Then you simply select the proper token, hit the macro, and you have your result.  As for the next part, you could put the above roll into a default template, then add a chat button which would whisper the selected token (player) when pressed. 
brilliant, thanks. I guess I need tokens to select, and then this should work. 

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Here is a more complete example:  Ability macro 1 (can be any name): /w GM &{template:default} {{name=Perception check}} {{Perception=[[1d20+@{selected|perception_bonus}]]}} {{[Whisper](~Whisper)}} Ability macro 2 (named "Whisper", without quotes):  /w @{selected|token_name} You have detected something! Note: I use a macro mule for my macros, it is generally better than using Collection tab macros. 
wow, thanks. I'll try that.