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Token Vision Scale Depends on Map Scale - Bug or Feature?

The value of token vision (and probably others) stay constant on changing maps, but the scale changes with the map. For example, if you defined the token vision to be 60 ft. e.g. on a battle map where the scale is in feet, the scale changes to miles on an overview map with a scale in miles. Of course, token vision is not important on a large-scale overview map, but nonetheless: If this is a feature I do not get the purpose. Can anyone explain this?

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Forum Champion
Hi DrDjBungeeDE,  The best way to think of this is that the number is the only control. The unit is not part of the control. It is just a label.  So you have set your token to have a vision that is "60" and that is the only control. The label of "feet" is not a control.  If you place the token on a map that uses a different unit, you are going to have to scale the vision differently. There is no built in conversion. 
Forum Champion
That's right, that is how it works. The upside workaround is, you don't have to keep using the same Token from page to page. Different tokens can represent the same Characters, or create a "Party" token for the alternative scale maps, or use their regular tokens and simply reset their Vision settings for that Copy of That Token, on That Page.  As long as you don't Save the alternative values as the Token Default values, it won't affect their regular-scale map adventuring tokens on other pages. It's not exactly a bug or a feature, it is working as intended. There isn't a smart different way to program it. Most people wouldn't want tokens that can see 60 feet on a 600 mile map (they would only be able to see 1 pixel). So just put a Token on the alternative-scale map page that has its Vision configured for what you want on that page. You (the GM) has the power.
Thank you for the explanation.
Thanks everyone.  Fully understood - and mostly what I expected. However, "works as intended" is not what I would call it, though. It is a somewhat lazy feature ;-)  Anyway, perfectly fine for me now that I know what to expect.