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Condition: Shield of Swings (Pathfinder 1E)

I'm attempting to create a "Condition" for the feat 'Shield of Swings'. This is the text from the source: "When you take a full-attack action while wielding a two-handed weapon, you can choose to reduce the damage by 1/2 to gain a +4 shield bonus to AC and CMD until the beginning of your next turn." The AC bonus part is easy. I'm having an issue with the damage part. I checked a second bonus. The 'Bonus' is Melee Damage. The 'Bonus Type' is Untyped. The 'Buff calc(a)' is where I'm running into the issue. I can't figure out the macro. Here's what I have in there: [[{repeating_weapon_<-njefteu1ywuvhivdcfw>_total-damage}/2]] I'm new to the roll20 macros, so I'm sure its a syntax thing. Any help is appreciated.

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Sheet Author
Hi Fuzzynuffin, Seems like "reduce the damage by 1/2..." means 1/2 of all damage. ie half of the total/cumulative "rolled" damage.  The "total-damage" attribute you are referencing is only the total damage bonus that gets added to the attack's damage rolls.  There's no way of referencing the total/cumulative "rolled" damage for a buff because it's an unknown until a roll is made.  fyi: (see footer "Macro Field Info..." on the sheet for more info about the various macro-text fields used on the sheet) (a) Evaluated at edit time. Must evaluate to number. No queries or rolls. Extended Expressions allowed. Must use ID number to refer to row value. Can refer to (a) expressions or number attributes only. While you can toggle a buff for the AC, I think you'll need to look at the total damage rolled and cut it in half mentally when using Shield of Swings.
Thanks for the reply. Manual edit it is, then.