Hi folks! Happy to see you all this week, I'm hoping is going well for you! I'm feeling generous so I figure I'll make this week's pet picture a bit easier for folks as its... its definitely one of MY favorites so far. Bundle of Cat Snakes For those who may have missed it we have had some new changes come to both the VTT as well as the introduction of Roll20 Characters. You can read more in the respective threads here: Announcing Roll20 Characters! Light Mode on Redesigned Toolbar With all that mentioned, I do want to also inform you all that the release notes will be on break next week. You should see the next release notes like this being released on December 1st. Nov 13, 2023 The Marvel Multiverse RPG official character builder now calculates damage multiplier changes from powers and populates the sheet with the appropriate bonuses Nov 14, 2023 Released Light Mode for the new Toolbar When deleting a page folder, added an option to not delete the contained items When deleting a page folder, display the total count of nested pages which would be deleted Fixed minor visual issues with page folder dragging Nov 15, 2023 Roll20 Characters is live in Beta. Not you can see 11 of the top character sheets outside of the VTT.  Check it out now  or  Learn More Support for PF2 Core rules is now available within the Pathfinder 2e Official character sheet. Drag & Drop new Core Ancestries, Backgrounds, and Classes on your existing PF2 character sheets. You can also mix and match Legacy & Core content all within the same game and sheet! More details  here . Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.