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FREE FIRST SESSION! - [LFP] Reign of Dark Dragon: Chosen of the Gods - FREE 1st SESSION! [All are welcome!] [Mondays at 2 PM Pacific] [D&D5e] [PAID]


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Hello there! Here's a little bit about me... My name is Rudy and I have been running Dungeons and Dragons since the 1990's. Over the course of my extensive experience I have run one-shots, short campaigns and long-term campaigns lasting several years. I have a passion for creating living stories and adventures that my players can experience in a fantastical world. I strive to create an exciting world full of intriguing mysteries, alluring treasure, and deep NPCs that are rewarding to discover.&nbsp;&nbsp; I endeavor to create a highly immersive experience that is unmatched, such as extremely descriptive game environments, exciting and dynamic combat full of interactive opportunities, freedom of choice, and atmospheric music that changes based on the mood and situation. Furthermore, I love roleplaying and creating realistic voices for NPCs and acting them out in a colorful way. I also take great pride in creating custom characters, stories, and encounters not included in the written material to keep things interesting! Above all I want to make sure that everyone has a good time and gets the experience they wanted. I will strive to help you create your character and a backstory if desired. I welcome both new and experienced players to my game! If you are interested in joining please scroll to the bottom and read the "Request an Invite" section so you can get into the game quickly! I will try my best to adjust the schedule based on everyone's needs and the posted game times could change if the group requests it. Roll20 Game Link (Mondays at 2 PM Pacific):&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Custom D&amp;D Campaign: Reign of Dark Dragon: Chosen of the Gods The terror of the old world is rising, Dark Dragon, Bringer of Armageddon! The lands shake and the people run for safety, but there is none. Priests convene for prayer and the mighty Kings tremble. Shadows stretch across the land as murmurs of the end of the world echo in every tavern. The sages and the prophets say that only the mighty King Bahamut could defeat such an evil, but he is nowhere to be seen. In his absence anarchy unfolds as war erupts and fear grips the people of Gaia. Then without warning unnatural arctic winters freeze entire Kingdoms while burning summers scorch once verdant lands. In the chaos that ensues, a new terrifying foe emerges, the ancient Granbelos Sky Empire! Thought long ago destroyed it quickly annihilates the venerable Kingdom of Tristan in the south and then begins a relentless search for the key to Dark Dragon's control.&nbsp; Now rumors of Dragons return after a thousand years of absence sweeps across the continent like fire. Just as hope seems all but gone, a lone traveler heads towards the village of Solstice in a desolate frozen land searching for the heroes the world so desperately needs. Begin your quest to become a God if you are strong enough! Earn your own Dragon to command! Weave your way through a grand world-ending story arc where YOU are the only one who can save it! Battle against creatures no mortal would dare oppose and reap incredible rewards! Challenge the all-powerful might of Great Wyrms and see if you are worthy of their hoards! Explore the outer-planes of existence and discover the unthinkable! Journey to epic heights of power! Level from 8 all the way to 30!&nbsp; More choices! Choose from any of the standard races or classes or go for something special such as custom classes, custom races, unofficial classes/races. Your imagination is the limit! (Subject to DM approval) Game Details Campaign: Reign of Dark Dragon: Chosen of the Gods Date: Weekly every Monday Time: 2:00 PM Pacific Place: Virtual tabletop on Roll20, voice chat on Discord Duration: Sessions last around 3 hours Payment: $10 per session via PayPal (FIRST SESSION IS FREE!) Refunds: I issue refunds when sessions are cancelled, for any reason Roll20's required payment disclaimer: "This game will require payment to the Game Master at a rate of $10 per session via PayPal. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements." Why Pay to Play? These days so many people are trying to get into a free game, but there just aren't enough experienced and good DMs to meet the demand. More often than not players spend their valuable time filling out applications and get rejected time and time again because of too many people trying to apply for each free game. When you actually do get accepted players sometimes don't show up or the DM doesn't show up or is unprepared. It's a very negative experience to go through constantly when all you want to do is have a good time and relax.&nbsp; Here are some of the reasons why professionally-run paid games are a much better experience: Avoid the difficulty of getting accepted into a game, don't wait days or weeks to hear back from the DM, get in quick! Charging a small fee nearly eliminates no-shows. A modest fee also ensures that everyone in the group is committed to the game and responsible. People will not just abandon the group and quit the game when something doesn't go the way they want. The game experience you will get from a professional DM is far more enjoyable than a free game could provide. Maturity level is much higher in paid games. Different voices for each NPC including accents if possible. A prepared Dungeon Master who is well invested in the Campaign. An immersive and dynamic roleplaying experience with detailed descriptions of everything. Custom music tracks integrated into Roll20 for realistic atmosphere and immersion.&nbsp; Access to additional subraces, subclasses, feats, spells and more with the DM's shared access compendium to Tasha's Cauldron of Everything, Xanathar's Guide to Everything and the Player's Handbook! All the benefits of the DM's Roll20 Pro membership which gives players access to extras such as, D&amp;D 5e Compendium integration, API Scripts, and more.&nbsp; Help for Beginners. Sandbox style adventuring (no railroading). YOU are the hero of the story and your choices matter, everything that happens in the world is interwoven around what you do and don't do.&nbsp; Character Creation Details All new characters begin at level 8 Attributes are determined by the 27 point-buy system OR Rolled, 4d6 dropping the lowest die Max HP at 1st level and average hp from lvl 2 and onwards.&nbsp;&nbsp; You may start with 2 Uncommon magical items subject to DM approval! Starting Equipment &amp; Wealth Rules: You will receive your normal starting equipment for your class. In addition you will receive 500 gp plus 1d10 x 25 gp starting wealth. (You may purchase 1 Magical Healing Potion of "Common" type for 50 gp with this wealth, but no other magic items. You will have several opportunities to purchase magic items later in the campaign.) All Official published material is allowed for character creation Unofficial material is subject to DM approval How to request an Invite If you want to request an invite to play just send me a "Private Message" &nbsp;or reply to this post with the following information:&nbsp; 1). Character you would like to Play (Name, Race, Class, etc): 2). Your experience with D&amp;D?: 3). Discord ID: 4). You understand that the game cost $10 per session via PayPal (FIRST SESSION IS FREE)?: Thank you!
Game is filling up, only a few more slots!
Game is starting in 2 hours, got room still!