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[LFP][18+][5e] Whispers in the cavern, DND Adventure


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Hey there, I am looking for some players for a weekly game that will take place either sunday-wednesday. I have been DMing for about 4&nbsp; years now and have spent the last couple of months on a world and a campaign setting that i would like to put to the test against some nerdy adventurers. I build my adventures modular so depending on what the outcome of one might be, there are different directions we could continue. So the first part of the campaign will only be a couple levels before the next "module" kicks in. To my person. I have been playing DnD for about 5 years and always preferred the world building and lore over power gaming and the perfect build. I enjoy making my own content within the realms of official books and would like to say that at least balancing wise i dont suck at it. My last game was a 2 year adventure through various locations in the forgotten realms and beyond, which inspired me to take a shot at my very own homebrew world and campaign. My schedule is usually pretty busy so i like to have dnd as my equalizer. I do prefer rather serious games over goofy random games. However I do need some information about you as well before we dive into this adventure. Some groundrules first. A fun game is what we are looking for so please no assholery going forward. Immersion plays a pretty big role in my games and having someone shouting "i wanna smack that beggar with my hammer" or "i wanna seduce the dragon" kinda breaks that. Also please no rules lawyer or power gamers, this game is not about number crunching and coming up with the most broken interaction in the game (there are rules though i might just tweak some here and there to not break immersion in the moment). Getting some people interested in the world and setting i created is what i am looking for and i would love to get together with you for a nice talk, conversing, laughing and just having fun together. I also brought a little sneak peak of the campaign: Nestled within the rugged embrace of the greenwind mountains, the mining district of Eswind Landing bustles with activity as miners delve into the depths, extracting precious resources to fuel the prosperity of Ageruam. However, beneath the surface prosperity lies a shadow cast by a mysterious affliction plaguing the Eswind Mines. The wealthy Windsborough family, stewards of this mining legacy, have issued a desperate call for aid, drawing the attention of adventurers, sellswords, and those with a keen eye for the arcane. Thank you very much for reading through this little monologue and if this peaked your interest feel free to apply to my game. For this please use this form so i get updated on replys. I will do my best to answer you within 24h after receiving the application. <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> Until then farewell fellow nerds :) IMPORTANT NOTE: Application Process is closed. I will be reviewing the applicants and reach out to everyone that applied. Thank you very much for your interest in the game :)
Hi, what time zone are you in? I am in GMT +0, am always looking for new games. Wed or Sun sounds good to me. Never ever a fan of PvP - anyone that sets up a PC with the intention of creating friction is someone I do not want to play with. Same goes for world-breakers - they just wreck campaigns. Happy to fill most roles in a party, I particularly like arcane rogues, but currently playing a warlock and two clerics (in different games).