A call out for brave adventurers to join the&nbsp; War of the Burning Sky &nbsp;- a D&amp;D 5e campaign run by a Pro DM. You will fight in a war of mythic proportions and determine the fate of the land in its aftermath. Join us to create a fun and fantastic story where everyone is enjoying themselves and having a laugh, as ever-escalating conflicts, powered by mighty magic and fervent faith threaten your freedom and the even the world itself. Sessions will run on&nbsp; Fridays using Roll20 &amp; Discord for voice, from 1:30-4:00/4:30 pm EST . Contact me directly on Discord at ShawnGoodVibes#0583 $19 USD per session or $66 for 4 sessions. Via PayPal. <a href="https://app.roll20.net/join/16211531/QgwbVg" rel="nofollow">https://app.roll20.net/join/16211531/QgwbVg</a> Materials allowed are PHB, Xanathar’s and Tasha’s. Races allowed include the ones in the PHB, and I allow Tasha's custom race adjustments. My favourite rule is the rule of cool. Contact me on Discord: ShawnGoodVibes#0583 &nbsp;or PM me About the GM: Shawn Good Vibes I've been running Dungeons and Dragons games for decades. Through the years, I have learned that I prefer humor &amp; light to gritty &amp; dark, but not silly. I have been called an old-style DM, and I wear that badge with pride. My driving goal is not realism, nor being a slave to the dice or the rules, but that we create a fun and fantastic story. Everyone should be enjoying themselves and having a laugh. I know the rules well, so rarely are we going to be stuck on a rule interpretation. I will usually make a ruling then continue running the game. I love interweaving character backstories into the written material. I customize the encounters, landscapes, and NPCs. You can expect Roll20 Pro Subscriber features such as Dynamic Lighting, Spell FX and API scripts. We play D&amp;D with RAF (Rules As Fun) in mind. Don't be surprised if we place RAF over RAW (Rules As Written). Creativity is always appreciated and rewarded. Role-playing is encouraged, but isn't required. I try to get at least one battle in per session. Job #1 for me as DM is to ensure that every single player at the table **has a good time**. I take that responsibility very seriously. So playing a campaign with me will be a fun experience that you will remember and cherish, well after it's over. Contact me on Discord: ShawnGoodVibes#0583