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Macro text alignment

Good day all, First let me apologies for making a new thread, I know that there are similar topics out there (though I couldn't find the same), but everything I found had aged enough so that I could not just on it and use a pre existing post. FYI before we get going, I have a free account and for the campaign in question I am not the owner (I noticed when I go into the one I DM the layout is different so adding in case it makes a difference). All of these means I don't have access to the snazzy bells and whistles. The system is 5e. Now to the query, it's fairly minor, I just don't understand why in order to try and problem solve ^_^. I have a basic damaging macro with flavour text as follows {template:default}{{name=Greataxe Damage}}{{Slashing the enemy for: [[1d12+18]]}}{{With radiant fury of: [[1d6+5]]}} which looks like this This works fine, but I was manually adjusting for rage damage, so I added a drop down option to the macro &{template:default}{{name=Greataxe Damage}}{{Slashing the enemy for: = ?{Result|Raging, [[1d12+18]]|Normal, [[1d12+15]]}}}{{With radiant fury of: [[1d6+5]]}} Which looks like this As you can see the text on the second line is no longer aligned right. Does anyone know why this visual change has happened? If possible I would prefer it to look as it was. Thank you in advance for any help or information
Forum Champion
Remove the extra spaces and the equal sign before the query, that will fix the problem. 
I believe, one = is misplaced, and one is missing. I think &{template:default}{{name=Greataxe Damage}}{{Slashing the enemy for:  ?{Result|Raging, =[[1d12+18]]|Normal, =[[1d12+15]]}}}{{With radiant fury of: =[[1d6+5]]}} could work. See the wiki page on the default template   "If a = is used in the {{ }} rows, the roll template will align the = in the middle, and all rows will have the = in the same spot. If any row have lots of more text/content on either side of the = , it will be pressed to the side of the template for all rolls."
Wow, that was fast, you both are fantastic thank you. I tested both as Micro mentioned (worked fine) and one where I just deleted all of the = in the rolls part (also worked fine) &{template:default}{{name=Greataxe Damage}}{{Slashing the enemy for: ?{Result|Raging, [[1d12+18]]|Normal, [[1d12+15]]}}}{{With radiant fury of: [[1d6+5]]}} Thank you again, keep being awesome, and have a great day :)