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Is there a way to auto roll random side of multi-sided token then auto press shift+Z with a macro

I have a 'loading screen' multi-sided token with roughly 70 loading screen images like these <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> , When I have to think about something or pause for a bit, I drop the token, right click it, click on random side, then click on shift+Z. Is there a way to automate this with or without APIs.
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API Scripter
Hi M. Hiyari! From an API script perspective: The shift-Z feture cannot be automated, since that is part of the GUI. But several scripts can pull random faces from a Rollable Table Token. Faces and Token-Mod can both do this. If you don't mind the preview going to chat, rather than Shift-Z's approach, then Supernotes can do this for you. Without an API, this must all be done manually.
Thanks, I do prefer the shift-Z because it covers the full screen briefly then is out of the way, whereas in the chat it's easily kissable and clutters the chat log. But thanks for your help.