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Too many duplicate Character sheets

Too many Goblins I have several Goblin character sheets, when I transmogrify a page from one game to another the the images come across but they are not attached to character sheets unless I also transmogrify the character sheet. This leads to multiple character sheets for the same monster.   I there a way to get the system to attach to an already existing character sheet so I don't have duplicates? Maybe an API Script!
API Scripter
Yeah, I thought I saw someone write a custom script for this, but you should be able to do it with TokenMod and the MetaScriptToolbox. I'm not at my computer to test, but you should be able to set the "represents" property of tokens using TokenMod. You'd set it to the character ID of the sheet in the current game, which you can get with a formation like: @{Goblin|character_id} That would make the TokenMod command something like: !token-mod --set represents|@{Goblin|character_id} Then, to add a little quality-of-life ease from the MetaScriptToolbox, you can select all of the Goblin tokens on the current page. If they all have a name that is some variation of "Goblin", you can do something like: {&select Goblin*, +layer in [object, gmlayer]} Add that to the end of the TokenMod line, and it will automatically select any token on the current page, which resides on either the object layer or the GM layer, and has a name that begins with "Goblin". Then those selected tokens will be handed off to TokenMod to do it's thing.
Thank you timmaugh, I'll give it a try tomorrow.
timmaugh, Yes it works! Saved me hours of prep time. Thank you.