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I would like to set up a game of HeroQuest but how wouldi I set up the dice or the character sheets?


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I would like to run game of HeroQuest but its the dice, the character sheet, and the decks I am wondering how make them so I can run the game  on roll20.
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The people who know the answer to your question might not know how heroquest works (I know I don't) and so can't help you. You'll need to explain the specifics of what you need doing.
I'm in a similar boat to GiGs in that I don't know about HeroQuest. I did however notice that there is a  series of Youtube videos on running HeroQuest on Roll20.  Perhaps those might be a good start if you haven't checked them out before.

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I played HeroQuest on Roll20 many times. I didn't set it up though, my DM did. The dice can be created easily with Roll20 feature called "Rollable Tables". For GiGs these dice are d6 that only has 2 results on the faces (shields or a skull, i think).  For the DECKS you can use Roll20 feature, "Card Decks". You would need to scan-in the cards and upload them (or at least find them pre-scanned online, and still need to upload them into your art quota on Roll20, and configure them in Roll20's card-deck config). NOTE: You don't necessarily need to import the Monster Cards, or Character Cards. I think you need the Treasure Cards and the Spells.  For the Character Sheet, here is a surprise, don't use the Roll20 Character Sheet feature. Instead use either Roll20 "Handouts" or simply put all the information on the Character's TOKENS (the character minis on the board). You can store their Health on a token bubble, and the rest of their stats on a Token's Tooltip (be sure to enable Show Tooltip to Players, for the characters, and not for the monsters).