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Candella Obscura Macro and Custom Charactersheet

Here's a Macro (to be set up as a Token Action) for Candela Obscura. It asks which Action, then how many Gilded Dice (zero or 1) and then how many normal dice (1 to 6) and then displays them like... &{template:default} {{name=@{selected|token_name} ?{Action|MOVE|STRIKE|CONTROL|SWAY|READ|HIDE|SURVEY|FOCUS|SENSE}}}{{GILDED=[[?{GILDED Dice|0,0|1,1}d6cf<3]]}}{{Normal=?{Normal Dice|0,0|1,[[1d6cf<3]]|2,[[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]]|3,[[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]]|4,[[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]]|5,[[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]]|6,[[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]] [[1d6cf<3]]}}} I've also written a Custom Charactersheet for Candela Obscura (needs a PRO Account). It's not pretty but it's functional. Private Message me if you want the HTML and CSS for this.
It won't let me change the title but it should have been CANDELA OBSCURA with only one L