Hi there folks, I've got a quick one for you all, but a few gr ea t bug fixes and removing some menu clutter. Now, lets get you back to your games! Dec 5, 2023 Roll20 Characters We're now indicating the supported file types and the upload limits for the avatar. Sorry about the confusion on that. Fixed an issue with the nav bar on mobile where things would overlap and become hard to read to tap on. Roll20 VTT Fixed a bug where using the Apply Default Token button on a character sheet could sometimes unlink the token from the sheet. Any active feature tours and the What's New dialog will now no longer appear for new users when the Tutorial window will show up. Fixed a couple of bugs related to the new Page Folders feature where deleting folders sometimes wouldn't work until after a refresh, and folders with archived pages couldn't be fully deleted. Please check the  Change Log  for up-to-date information on releases.