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Masque of the Red Death Ravenloft Ad&d 2nd ed The Poet and the Pendulum

Ravenlofts Gothic Earth Setting for Ad&D 2nd edition.. seeking 6 players with Roll20 and DISCORD. character creation with Masque of the Red death boxset rules. making fear and horror checks per ravenloft , also allowing Kits from the boxset. playing from 7-11pm CST biweekly. First session is Char Gen. All needed pdfs will be in the VTT
Interested! What day of the week?
Obie S. said: Interested! What day of the week? Jan 12. Friday. Bi weekly
currently we have 1 player, seeking more. message if interested
This sounds awesome, I've always wanted to play this setting. Consider me interested :) 
Tim W. said: Jan 12. Friday. Bi weekly Oh, that works perfectly :D
seeking 2 players
seeking 2 players
seeking 3 players
seeking players
Oh, it has been 10 years since I played 2nd, I love 2nd.  One major issue, I have cerebral palsy, and I type in chat.  I have a speech impediment.  You could understand me, but most likely not.  I have played 2nd since 1991 as a player and DMed for friends and my brother in high school who could understand me.  I still have my 2nd e books, with some  Ravenloft books.  Not the Red Death.  I did lose the little Ravenloft books from my box set. Can you deal with a type-only guy?
I forgot to say, I do hear well.  I would be muted on Discord so I could hear everything then do my typing in roll20 chat.
Looks like we are losing a player..message if interested in playing    1st session Jan 26 7pm central time
seeking players
I'm running a VERY similar game in Shiver Gothic.
seeking players campaign strarts this coming week
seeking players
seeking players
seeking players
Im also interested, do I pm you or do you pm me?
I am interested as well!