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Card recall glitch

KS Backer
I've set up a deck consisting of one card with a photo of a poker chip on each side, and checked the box to say that the deck is infinite. I can deal seven chips to each player, players can play chips from their hand onto the FATE layout. And I can delete the chips representing spent Fate Points. Works beautifully. However, I get some glitches in this case, particularly regarding the "recall" feature. The numbers of "cards" in players' hands and on the table are always reported as "1". The number of cards in the deck reports as "0" . The "shuffle" command (yes, I know, redundant) produces an error message ("All cards for this deck are either in player hands or in play on the table. Recall cards to shuffle the deck."). I've only found one glitch so far that actually produces a problem. When I "recall all" or "recall all from player's hands" it sometimes doesn't empty everyone's hands. I think that hands that the player hasn't opened yet don't get recalled, but I'm not certain about that. Infinite deck of one card. Firefox 13.0.1. OSX 10.6.8
KS Backer
I am having this problem as well... I was trying to make a Monopoly game and my 1-card infinite cash decks would not recall more than the one card. *Edit* I am using Google Chrome 19.0.1084.56
Ken Bauer
KS Backer
Thanks for catching this. I'll not it down on the big'ol bug list.