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Rolling dice causes audio to cut out in firefox

It's like what the title says. Last game session, regardless of the map, any audio being played in game would be momentarily cut out whenever dice were rolled. I checked if the issue occurred in Google Chrome and it doesn't, but I can't move over to Chrome because Roll20 lags so much that it's unplayable on that browser - and yes I've cleared the cache on Chrome to try and fix that issue; it still lags. I've cleared my cache on Firefox and the sound issue still occurs. I don't know what else to do to try and fix this issue.

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Hi Elizabeth C.,  I don't think there is anything a user can do to help here, so I suggest filing a bug report with the Devs via the Help Center as the Bug Report forum is primarily for users helping users.  Note: I am assuming you are using 3D dice? You could turn those off, see if that helps. 
So, this issue, between the time I posted it and today, has either spontaneously fixed itself, or others have experienced it as well and filed bug reports and the devs fixed the issue, so I suppose this post is a bit redundant now. And, yes, I do use 3D dice. However, now we'll never know if turning those off would have helped. Thank you anyways for the advice; if it ever happens again I'll keep this in mind.

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So, here I am again. Surprise, surprise, it's happened again! And I'd rather revive this thread than post the exact same things again. Adding on to what's already here, I've tried turning off 3D dice. The music still cuts out exactly as much as with it turned on.
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Hi again Elizabeth,  I am sorry this is happening again. I don't know if there is anything a user can do to help so I suggest filing a bug report via the Help Center with the Devs and see what they say.