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[LFP] Kindred Roots (New Westmarch) open to 18+


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Kindred Roots US Based Living World 5e D&D Server. Olkvale was founded as a small safe harbor to collect fresh water while trading ships traveled the Billowing Sea. The strong winds off shore were a perfect for a main trade route between trade ports and suppliers. The Kindred family set up the first harbor and established Olkvale as a small village. While the city’s roots were established as a place to rest and repair trade ships, it has expanded today as a major trade hub for the entire region. Adventurers are welcome to the city. The Hawthorn Haven is the main hub for adventuring in the kingdom and is well known as an inviting and safe place to stay. Come explore the city, earn your riches and fame, or die trying. Features: Games via roll20 and VC, out of game RP via discord text, Tupperbot, A dndbeyond campaign with multiple source books, Npcs, Custom world 18+ only (Not an ERP) Feel free to reply or message me directly for more information. 
Its been a blast so far! The games have been fun to play and run!
It's growing slowly,  as all new servers do.
*excited happy dances*
Hey, just wondering days and times you guys normally play games. I know west marches tends to be a variety of days and times, but I'm wondering if you tend to go mostly night time in EST, are you mostly weekends or weeknights? 
Hey. Pretty interested in this. How many players do you currently have? 
Hey, I'd be interested in this server. Do we have to apply to get the entrance link to the discord ?
Hello! I'm really interested in this server. How can I join??
I joined this server the first week it opened and I can't recommend it.  Most of the folks here got removed from staff on another server and they love to complain loudly about this OOCly, but when you bring up concerns about bias for any perceived in-group favoritism they'll gaslight you about it. Moreover, the live sessions are low effort and the tavern RP is at an elementary school reading level on the best of days. If that's what you're into, this might be a good place to check out. But if you want a little more substance and admins who can take constructive criticism without telling you to leave, save yourself the headache and keep looking.
Not a Westmarches but a Living World server, falsely advertised. The admin group are opinionated and Ruben, ostensibly the founder, likes to condescend and suggest people leave when questions or disagreements arise.  This is just an ultra casual community discord server with some bare minimum voice chat games and a strange emphasis on 24/7 Tavern rp which, if you consistently shitpost, will earn you more xp through tier 2 than showing up for games. 
Thanks for the feedback. We'll change the advertisement to Living World.
Pretty busy IRL so I don't have that much time to be on. Despite limits, still am able to pop on occasionally and have some fun RP with players/interact with a 'living world' as its called. People are pretty open on the server, just really emphasize the need to be respectful to others. Only con is I didn't get to pull off a barter with a merchant before a guard walked in :( Had to pay full price for some studded leather, the HORROR! /s
Glad to have you Greystripes
Very interested and have been playing for last couple years.  Discord is UncleB14 or message me on roll20.
Hey can I join for the adventures my discord is zuko117
Sent messages to both of you. Sorry, been crazy busy lately.
Still having fun over a month later. Can't wait to see where this goes :)
At least now we have more DM's so more games are happening.
Would it be okay to lurk in and see if I want to join?
Woooo first player character death!