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[LFP 4] [New] [Pathfinder 1e] [Sunday, Weekly] [12,50$ per player, per Session] [Homebrew Setting] [1-20 Campaign] Castle Dunstanwall

The Dragon Wars rage across Darrumburg. The people of Concordia have lived with the ravages of battle for generations - the young are taken to war in the Jungle, while the old and retired work the fields. Peace is an impossibility in the eyes of the Nobility, who take it upon themselves to defend the Cradle from Drasura… Such is the competition that has lasted for thousands of years. It ebbs and flows with the resources dwindling and growing, but the peace never lasts long. We are in a moment of peace; we have been for twenty years. The troops in the front are growing comfortable, fat and bored; and the people in the countryside are allowed to age and live lives as craftsmen and farmers, without holding a sword. However, problems mount - problems that shouldn’t. Why is the countryside rampant with bandits? Why is the army not doing anything about it? Are you going to do something about it? -Explore a Homebrew setting of my making, including such things as Half-Constructs, Kaiju monstrosities, Incarnation Spirits, Female Supremacist Centaurs, and More! -Travel throughout Concordia, Northern Laromedia, Darrumburg and Mel Faruhm as you investigate a secret plot in this Freeform Campaign. -Face off against the everyday problems of Concordia, the City of Dragons -Dive deeper into the history of Concordia, Drasura and the Dragon Wars -Act as agents of the Church of Eion in a quest for the lives of the peasantry. Player Buy-In and Character Creation [1] - Starting Level 1 [2] - Point-Buy is 20 points. [3] - Characters begin play with standard starting gold for their Character class. [4] - The use of Spheres of Power/Might/Guile is encouraged, but not mandatory. [5] - Several Houserules will be used to streamline play and protect players from Bad Luck, as well as giving players greater influence over the plot. [6] - Characters start the game as Farmers, or Farmer-adjacents, who have had enough of the countryside problems, and decide to take up arms, either to better their own lives, or the lives of others. A few examples: &gt;A farmer’s son who decides to take up an old sword and shield from a hidden chest at home to get the beasties off his family’s pigs. &gt;A young man who spent the last 15 years gaining an education at the Academy of the Slumberer, in Concord, away from family, only to return and see the state of affairs in the countryside. &gt;The son of a minor noble, who recently took a tour through their father’s lands to find them ravaged by bandits and in disarray. &gt;A ruffian who took a bigger bite than he could in the big city, and moved to the countryside, only to find that there are no jobs in the job board of illegal trade. [7] - Characters’ Vestiges will manifest as unique background abilities, related to Family, Race, and any training they acquire in their journey.&nbsp; <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>
Looking for 3 more players.