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[LFG] [D&D5e] [Paid] Beginner & Experiences Friendly - Dragon of Icespire Peak’s Campaign – Tuesdays 7pm CST


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¡Hello there! &nbsp; About me I’m Zojak, a pro DM who likes to run D&amp;D Official Campaigns, One Shots, and working on a Westmarch but it will be ready soon. &nbsp; I’m a bilingual DM (Spanish and English) who has run many tabletops for 15 years, also very versatile according to the climax of the session and the role-play of the players. I have played D&amp;D since Baldur’s Gate and loved it since then. And finally, I love being a DM, right now is my full-time job and I hope you enjoy my games as everyone else who has played with me. &nbsp; &nbsp; Sneak Peek The frontier town of Phandalin is built on the ruins of a much older settlement. Hundreds of years ago, the old Phandalin was a thriving human town whose people were firmly allied with neighboring dwarves and gnomes. Then an orc horde swept through the area and laid waste to the settlement, and Phandalin was abandoned for centuries. &nbsp; In the last three or four years, settlers from the cities of Neverwinter and Waterdeep have begun the hard work of reclaiming the ruins of Phandalin. The new settlement is home now to farmers, woodcutters, fur traders, and prospectors drawn by stories of gold and platinum in the foothills of the Sword Mountains. The arrival of a white dragon threatens to destroy all that they've worked to rebuild. &nbsp; ¡With the help of your friends come to Phandalin and save it from this greater threat! &nbsp; &nbsp; What you can expect from this campaign My games have a mix of exploration, roleplay, and combat because I like to encourage my players to connect with their characters on different situations during the campaign. &nbsp; This game is pay-to-play for $15 USD weekly via Paypal per player and per session; nevertheless, I can guarantee the game's hours of quality with a great sensation of adventure for you and your friends thanks to the following features: &nbsp; 1. Full access to the compendium for contents I own on Roll20 2. Immersive dynamic lighting and music 3. High-quality maps 4. Ability to use API scripts 5. Out-of-game assistance and support 6. Adaptable campaign that fits around the parties' actions and choices 7. Newcomers to both D&amp;D’s games and Roll20 are welcome. Help will given to those who request it out of session at no extra cost. 8. Prepared sessions each week with a unique experience. 9. A complete campaign &nbsp; &nbsp; Campaign 2 Date/Timezone: Tuesdays at 5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern Frequency: Weekly Next Session: 15 Current Setup: &nbsp;Artificer 7, Bard 7, Druid 7 and Fighter 7 Seats availables: &nbsp;2 Link to listing: <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a> &nbsp; If you have more questions to ask, feel free to contact me on Discord: Zojak84 &nbsp; ¡Thank you very much and I hope to see you in my game soon! &nbsp; These games will require payment to gamemaster of $15 USD per player per session paid through PayPal to participate. Roll20 is not responsible for any payment transactions and cannot enforce any private arrangements.
Weekly Update ¡The party has just leveled up to 5! And now, they are doing an extensive exploration inside of an ancient dwarven fortress. We have open seats (3) for our upcoming 9th Session next week.
Now the party is 4/6 and w e still have open seats (2) for our upcoming 9th session today
W e still have open seats (2) for our upcoming 10th session next week
W e have two (2) open seats for our upcoming 11th session next week
¡The party has just leveled up to 6! And now, they are heading into an orcish hold to discover some mysteries there. There are 3 open seats for our upcoming 12th Session next week.
The party just saved Phandalin from the big threat and now they are heading to a new adventures. There are 3 open seats for our upcoming 13th Session next week.

Edited 1709388598
The session of this week was a day off but we are continuing the adventure next week for our upcoming 13th session.&nbsp;
The party has come to a new city looking to help the citizens and there 2 open spots for the upcoming 14th session.
The last session was a day off for our heroes and there are 2 open spots&nbsp; for the upcoming 15th session.
An artificer joins the party and with him they are going to start adventures in the new city. There are 2 open spots for the upcoming 15th session.