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[5e shapped] d20 Attack vs AC

Hi there, this has probably been answerd before, but I couldnt find it. I'm new to dnd on roll20 , and was wondering if there is a way (with macros or otherwise) to set a target to an attack made from the weapon button on the charcater sheet, in such way that it would compare the outcome of the d20 with the target's AC that is set in bar2. (I'm have a plus account and have never worked with API stuff, but I am opened to it, if there is a way)  Thanks in advance.
What character sheet do you use? But regardless of the sheet, one thing you can do is roll an attack on the sheet. Then go to the chat text area and hit UP on your keyboard. You see the macro used for that command by the sheet. This you can copy and edit into your own macros. To use the API you need to have a PRO Subscription...
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Hi João Luiz! The Shaped Sheet is pretty powerful, but I don't think you can adapt any solution to be automatic. You would need to either alter the code of the sheet, write a script (Pro subscription), or write a macro of some sort that you would use instead of the sheet (thus abandoning the need for the sheet.) I haven't used Shaped in maybe 5-7 years. I'll see if I can pick the brains of someone who has.
Thanks a lot guys... After playing a few times, I guess It's not that important - the game is flowing fine. Would use it now only if it were a simple thing.