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Characters Sheets Saved to the Vault Erased of User Modifiable Information

I've been using my vault character sheet to edit and modify spells and abilities for use in campaign regularly.  But checking the sheet just now it's all empty.  The proficiency, equipment, features, spells, empty.  Checking other sheets that I don't normally touch but have saved for posterity's sake and they've been emptied, too.  That's alot of custom traits and features I'm going to have to rewrite... what's going on?
Forum Champion
Hi Byozuma,  There was an issue a bit ago, could you check again?  If your characters are still empty please file a bug report with the Devs via the Help Center . They should be able to recover the data. 
Checked again, everything seems as it should.  I'm going to take a guess that the issue may have been shifting to OGL5E?  I don't remember it saying that on the sheets before.
I am unable to edit my character sheet under Characters or Character Vault. This has been occurring since the shift from the old format to the new format. I am having to stay within a game to do any type of editing and then when I export it I have multiple copies that I am having to figure out which is which at times. I will click on my character to bring the sheet up to edit. It will start loading and show my character sheet for 3 seconds then it goes blank. Please help. I don't want to stay on a game just to edit my sheet. Thank you in advance.
Forum Champion
Hi Princess Brekke,  To best reach the Devs please file a bug report via the Help Center .