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[LFP] [PF1-homebrew][Every Other Sunday 6-9pm EST] Chronicals of Crom [R.Howard's Conan setting/Conan Exiles]

[LFP][PF1] [Every Other Sunday 6 to 9PM EST] [Homebrew Campaign Conan Setting-High Grit 18+] Looking for players for long term campaign. Discord/Roll20 .  We use Discord for voice and game files and Roll20 as the Table Top. Game Sessions . Every other Sunday from 6pm to 9pm EST. Game Rules [PF1]- Possibly upgrading to PF2 soon once I get a chance to read the fine print in the rules.  Why not 5E? 5E does not have the feats choices to tailor the players playing style nor does it fit the character to the setting (See below). Setting. [Conan]. The setting is adult, high grit, low fantasy and is based on the actions of the party will and can change the world around them. There is a healthy balance of RP-Story/Combat. The game is lore heavy!!! As the party seeks to find slay the oracles of the gods, setting forth a new era in the world. Character Generation . The party is near level 8 and new players use the 25 point buy system and can pick from the core rule books races and classes as well as the human cultures of the world (Setting). Each player starts with basic gear and one masterwork weapon. While the world is predominantly human, other races do exist (Elves, Half Orcs, etc. etc.). Characters can be any non-evil alignment. Characters\players will have a backstory which can mesh into the storyline. How it begins (For new players). “ So much for adventuring” you thought as you strolled along the docks of Kyros. “Damned Dafari have taken the coast of Stygia and if not a danger from them, we now have to dodge being conscripted into the legions of Argos, damn war mongers.” Having spied the parchment hung on the dock’s bulletin board, you curiously read the clear, well written document. “Tired of the endless war on the mainland? Tired of being caught up between the Legions of Argos and their conquest or avoiding becoming a Dafari delicacy? Adventurers are needed on the Isle of Siptah. Fame, wealth, and equal share (minus 25% commission) of treasure found.  Seek out Lord Jamius Samius at the Bordello of Derketo in Yogshold, Isle of Siptah.” You smirk to yourself. Obviously, this Jamius fellow has a sense of humor and a solution to your dilemma of being pressed into service or eaten. “He must have money to have residence in the Bordello of Derketo.” You think as you spy the cutter with the white painted symbol of Derketo on the bow. Shaking your head, you walk towards the Half Orc leaning against the railing on the gang plank. “Going to Yogshold?” he mutters to which you nod. “Come aboard, we are leaving soon.” The Half Orc looks over your shoulder at the group of Legionnaires who are grabbing every able-bodied person and placing them in prisoner cages mounted on wagon chassis. “Fuck it, we are leaving now.” The Half Orc mutters as he motions for you to boards his ship. Player expectations. Players are part of the dynamic world, which means their actions have consequences and alignment means little as good people do bad things and bad people can do good things. The world is rough, almost uncultured as each culture has its own stigmas as the Legions of Argos have continued their conquests across the mainland. The party deals with real world situations such as murder, theft, slavery.  Thus far, the party has stopped the murder of the half breed prince of Argos (By his grandfather the emperor!), they have recovered an artifact for the clergy of Derketo and foiled the slave trade of the slavers known as the Reavers.  The setting is brutal, the cultures deeply set in their ways and the gods, demanding of their respective clergies and demanding sacrifices in their names, all the while kings seek to take advantage of the chaos caused by the aggressive campaign of Argos and the Dafari invasion of Stygia. Players decide their course of action on the Isle, their destiny not written in stone but destined to be told by the bards for ages. Party Composition (Presently) Currently the party consists of the following Cimmerian Barbarian Kushite Warpriest of Derketo Zamorian Rogue Argossean Spymaster/Rogue Stygian Adept of Derketo (basic healing)   Please do not be an overly sensitive, offended by everything, has to be the shining star (center of attention) kind of player.   The party seeks players who understand a high grit style game, someone who is a team player and can role play when needed to. New players must understand that the setting is dark and players can take actions that can change the world, a small bit at a time or they can die trying.  Heroes don’t always wear shiny armor, wear capes, and proclaim how heroic they are, sometimes, they can simply visit the Bordello, get their kicks, steal the captain of the guard’s keys while the Bordello workers entertain the captain, free the prisoner who is wrongfully accused of a crime and help them prove their captain of the guards is a corrupt villain that will soon either taste the steel and meddle of the party or face the angry crowd of citizens who form a mob bent on justice! If you enjoy Conan, Game of Thrones, Vikings, Middle Earth, and the Elder Scrolls Series, then this is the game for you. Grab your gear, finish your ale, and prepare to shed blood. (preferably not your own blood).
still looking for two players