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Trying to add a cantrip to the attacks and spellcasting section but cant get the item bonus to show up


Edited 1707147557
My artificer character has just acquired a All-Purpose Tool +1 and im trying to add a Homebrew spell but for some reason i cant seem to get it to add the bonus automatically like it does for the spells i took from the compendium. Is there any way to do this or do i have to manually add the modifier to the spell unlike the other compendium spells?
Forum Champion
Hi Coolbond,  You should not need to add the bonus to each individual spell, there is a general bonus for that.  Did you drag and drop the All-Purpose Tool from the Compendium or manually put it on your sheet? 
Manually entered but i added the mods correctly so its applying correctly to firebolt but not the homebrew spell
wierd trying to add images of the issue but the site is saying the post does not exist.

Edited 1707162901
there we go! the damage part is a copy of the firebolt spell no clue why its fucked up in the display while it works properly when clicked.

Edited 1707163107
Hi Coolbond, are you using CTRL+V to put the images in? it is best to save an image to your device and then upload with the penultimate button in the Post Reply Taskbar.  Apologies if this isn't your issue with uploading the image NM, it appears we cross-posted  :)

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The Mods line doesn't have a comma between Spell Attack and Spell DC.  Here is how it is represented in my copy of All-Purpose Tool:  "Item Type: Wondrous item, Spell Attack +1, Spell DC +1" If that doesn't fix the problem I suggest adding a manual +1 bonus to the attack section of the spell. 
Nope it did not fix the issue unfortunatly.
Forum Champion
Yup, I tested it on mine and for some strange reason adding an attack manually with "Spell" as the attack doesn't include modifiers to the Spell attacks. I would just add it manually via the modifier immediately after "Spell" in the attack section.
thank you for confirming its a issue with the client then, have a good day!