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Is there a way to easily import Custom Races and classes

Me and my Group Use alot of homebrew and i would love to know if there was an easier way to drop the custom class or Race over from another site where its written down already

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Hi Mother Arcadia,  Which character sheet are you using? If you don't know the name please supply a screenshot so it can be identified.  Note: stating which game system you are using is probably not enough information. Some game systems have multiple character sheets on Roll20. We need to know the actual sheet you are using. 
We are using the standard 5e sheet as we are playing 5e as thats the only one i know how to DM

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5e in which game system? There are multiple game systems that have "5e" in the name.  Please supply a screenshot showing your character sheet. 
this is the sheet me and my campaign use (made new character to showcase)

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Alright, for future reference the name of that character sheet is "D&D 5e by Roll20".  So regarding custom classes and that sheet, there is no general automation for pulling information from other websites into Roll20. However, depending on the website there may be some methods. Example: If you have a character on DnD Beyond there is Beyond Importer, an API Script that can transfer the JSON data over.  Unfortunately, that doesn't sound like it will apply to your situation.  With that said, I might be able to help streamline the manual method for entering the information into Roll20.  Could you elaborate on what you are currently doing?